Building Mind Psychology by Camilla Nguyen
Building Mind Psychology by Camilla Nguyen
Camilla Nguyen
Camilla Nguyen

Specialist Clinical Psychologist
BSc (Hons), MSc Res, DClinPsych, NZPsS

Our Vision

Building Minds Psychology was established by Dr Camilla Nguyen, Clinical Psychologist, in 2020 to offer clinical psychology-led service for children (10 years+), adolescents and adults. We aim to create a safe place where can offer highly specialist psychological therapies, assessments, and training.

We will always strive to practice the highest standards, meaning we will work alongside you to help you build emotional health and growth.

Building Minds Psychology offers various services ranging from mental health assessments, individual therapy, couples therapy, parental support, family sessions and more.

Introducing Dr. Camilla Nguyen

Camilla is a highly skilled, kind and compassionate Clinical Psychologist who completed her doctorate training in the United Kingdom. She has worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist within the National Health Service and District Health Boards across physical health and mental health settings in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Her main areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, low self-esteem, relationship issues, sexual health, gender identity, autism, ADHD, and adjusting to life with a chronic physical health condition. She works across the lifespan. Her practice is informed by evidence-based interventions.

Camilla is based in Auckland and works flexibly and collaboratively, integrating multiple therapeutic models to help clients overcome their difficulties and develop in line with their personal values and goals of therapy.

Dr. Camilla Nguyen
Clinical Psychologist


  • Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, University of Hertfordshire

  • MSc(Research Methods) Psychology (Distinction)

  • BSc(Hons) in Psychology (First Class)

Professional Memberships

Building Minds Psychology By Dr. Camilla Nguyen